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State offices up for election

In 2018 every statewide elected office is up for election.  Three of the five officers are running for reelection.  Two of the five are either term limited or have decided not to run for reelection.  In 2018 24 of the 49 seats in up for election.  These are all of the even numbered districts.

Pete Ricketts, Governor

Governor Ricketts is working everyday to make government work for the people, eliminate unnecessary government regulations, balance the budget, and reduce the tax burden on hard-working Nebraskans.

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Doug Peterson, Attorney General

Attorney General Peterson has done an excellent job as our Attorney General.  He has consistently stood up for us, the people, and enforced law and order.  One of his major priorities since taking office has been taking on human trafficking in Nebraska.

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Charlie Janssen, Auditor

Charlie has served us well as auditor for the past four years.  He has made it his mission to keep an eye on taxpayer dollars and ensure that all state government programs are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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John Murante, Treasurer

John has served Nebraska well in the Legislature for the past six years.  He has been a consistent voice for small government, lower taxes, and fiscal restraint.

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Bob Evnen, Secretary of State

Bob has been serving the State of Nebraska in many different capacities for years.  He has also served the Nebraska Republican Party as General Counsel, Assistant Chair, and in other positions.  As Secretary of State Bob will work to ensure the security and safety of our ballots and elections system.

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Legislative Candidates

District 2: Rob Clements

District 4: Bob Hilkemann

District 6: Theresa Thibodeau

District 10: Matt Deaver

District 12: Merv Riepe

District 14: John Arch

District 16: Ben Hansen

District 18: Brett Lindstrom

District 20: John McCollister

District 22: Mike Moser or Doug Oertwich

District 24: Mark Kolterman

District 26: Bob Van Valkenburg

District 30: Myron Dorn

District 32: Tom Brandt

District 34: Curt Friesen

District 36: Matt Williams

District 38: Dave Murman

District 40: Keith Kube

District 42: Mike Groene

District 44: Dan Hughes

District 48: John Stinner

If you are unsure of which district you live in you can find your Senator here.